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Meet Local Brand: Wanderess Gear Part 1

Veröffentlicht von Wanderess Gear am 24.09.2020

-Alison, you create yoga bags and travel accessories? How did you come up with this idea?

Yes, that's right! The inspiration for Wanderess Gear was derived of 3 things: my passion for creating, my passion for travel and my love of organization (Marie Kondo, anyone?). My soul is happiest when I am creating...and I was looking to find a way to turn my passion into work. Honestly, it was the Autumn of 2017 when the idea just popped into my head! I had lived the previous year mostly in Munich, Germany with my husband who was called over on an extended business trip. A 5-month stay in a hotel turned into 8 months and once I was back home in Greenville, South Carolina and reunited with all of my beloved arts and crafts materials...I was full of creative energy to spend! I pulled out my sewing machine which I had received as a gift from my in-laws just a few years prior and began teaching myself to sew (along with the mentoring of my mom). A few simple projects later and I found sewing to be an incredibly meditative process. From then on, I began practicing and improving upon my skills and in April 2018, when work called my husband back over to Germany for a second time--this time on an expat contract--I took it as a sign to create something of my own by throwing my focus into starting my own small business!